• Transportation Protocols
    There will be many new transportation protocols in place this year as we implement new, low-density routes as well as new bus loading and unloading procedures to allow for appropriate social distancing. These changes are designed to make students safer. To assist us in this shared responsibility, we ask parents to review some of the new procedures being put into place this year.

    • Students will not be permitted to board any bus that they have not been assigned to by the District. Drivers will need to verify bus attendance and record ridership levels. For example, we cannot accommodate students going home with a friend at this time. (We will review this protocol at a later date to determine if there can be more flexibility later in the year.)
    • Students cannot be released from school to the parents/guardians of other students.
    • Except for emergency situations, students should maintain the same mode of transportation for the month of September as schools cannot accommodate modifications to transportation.
    • Arrival/dismissal procedures may be staggered so that students can enter the buildings safely. You will be receiving communication directly from individual schools regarding their plans.

    We anticipate that even with reduced-density routing, the new protocols may result in longer route times. Please be aware that bus stops and arrival/departure times for stops are subject to change throughout the year as we make adjustments for new entrants and students opting to resume bus transportation. Pickup/drop off times could also change if increased ridership requires multiple loops from an area to a school. Parents/Guardians would be notified in advance of any changes.

    Please be aware that the implementation of lower-density routing required significant changes to many long-standing bus stops and routes. It is not feasible for the District to accommodate parent requests to modify bus stops to make them closer to a specific home or corner or to revert to stops/routes from prior years.

    Below are new procedures for riding the bus that we would like you to review and share with your child as we prepare for the first day of school. These new procedures will be reinforced by drivers as well as staff assigned to bus arrival/dismissal.

    • Parents should complete the online Daily Health Screening Questionnaire before their child leaves for the bus stop.
    • Students should wash their hands before leaving home.
    • Masks are required for students and drivers.
    • For the protection of all, students should arrive at the bus stop with their face masks in place. (Bus drivers will be provided with a supply of masks should a student arrive at the bus stop without one.)
    • Students should maintain social distancing at the bus stop and upon entering and exiting the bus.
    • When boarding the bus, students should fill the seats starting from the back to the front, with a pause between students to maintain social distance.
      • Students should sit one per seat, except for siblings who must sit together in the same seat.
      • State regulations dictate that no student may be denied transportation. Therefore, if all the individual seats are taken on the bus, students should sit in seats closest to the front of the bus, with one student in the window seat and one in the aisle seat, maintaining a space between.
    • When exiting the bus, students will unload from the front to the back, with a pause in between each student to maintain social distance.

    Important Contact Information for Transportation:
    Syosset Transportation Office 516-364-5840
    Huntington Coach Buses: 631-271-8995
    Huntington Coach Vans: 631-271-7225