• Syosset Central School District: Learning from Home 

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    Syosset teachers are deeply committed to the education of our students, all the more so given the situation we face today. While a Syosset education could never be replicated online, our goal in this endeavor is to provide innovative learning experiences for students while at home so that they can maintain content, skills, and connection to learning while the schools are closed.  

    For many of our students, school represents a place of stability, of family, of belonging. Our role, and students’ relationships with teachers, have never been more important than now. The Online Learning Plan includes some daily interaction between teachers and students from among a range of online tools that could include live meetings, coaching or feedback, and many of the interactive online tools already implemented in our physical classrooms. 

    The plan will look different for students at the Elementary, Middle, and High School levels, and teachers will use their professional judgement to employ varied instructional tools and methods to achieve the same set of goals. Syosset teachers will be given flexibility in the implementation of this plan so they may use their professional judgement on how best to meet the needs of their students. The exceptional faculty has always used creativity and unique approaches to bring out the best in students and attain the level of success Syosset is so widely known for, and this will not change.      

    Students in grades K - 5 will primarily use Google Classroom to access lessons and interact with their teachers. This platform is compatible with a variety of devices (e.g., Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets).


    Students in grades 6-12 are accustomed to learning in blended online environments using Google Classroom. Building upon students' fluency with digital tools, teachers have designed instruction that optimizes learning from home with developmentally appropriate assignments aligned to the District's curriculum.

    To ensure coherence and continuity of learning, these guidelines will be followed:

    • Students are expected to engage and complete each assignment as directed by the teacher.
    • Teachers may expect students to upload completed work to the appropriate platform. 
    • Teachers and administrators will continue to communicate with parents through email.

    The District will also continue to give families access to all of our research-based, intuitive, and highly engaging secondary digital resources through the Class Link Platform.  These resources include the KidOYO Coding Platform as well as Online Textbooks and Online Digital Supplemental Materials for content areas and coursework. As our teachers work collaboratively to design new experiences for students, we anticipate that unique approaches will mean that no two learning experiences will look exactly alike.  

We have been receiving many inquiries regarding learning from home and support services during the s

  • Q: If my child(ren) receives special education services, how will they be supported while learning from home?

  • Q: How will my child continue to receive support from his/her school counselor, school psychologist, and/or social worker while learning from home?

  • Q: If my child(ren) are English Language Learners who receive ENL services, how will they be supported while learning from home?

  • Q: How can my child(ren) or I access technical support while they are learning from home?

  • Q: How can I support my child(ren) while they are learning from home?

  • Q: Will I be able to communicate with my child(ren)’s teacher while they are learning from home?

  • The Mission statement crafted by the Board of Education, as well as the “WHY” statement crafted by teachers and leaders which brings that mission to life, provides guidance for the District as this time.

    Mission Statement The mission of the Syosset Central School District is to prepare students to thrive in both the future we imagine and one which may evolve in ways yet to be envisioned.

    “WHY” Statement - 
    We have an obligation to prepare our students to be responsive to a continually changing world and take agency of themselves, their communities, and society as a whole.

    We will cultivate inquiry, excitement and innovation, in order to amplify students’ intellectual agility and cultural competencies.

    We will create a cohesive K - 12 learning community predicated on meaningful collaboration that engages all in an iterative and continuing process.

    In Syosset, we cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills. Our students are resilient. They are creative. They are intellectually agile. They are part of a diverse community in which they are actively engaged. They care for one another and implement change for the good of their society.  Moving online will not abandon this work - the intellectual agility required will deepen it.