The goal of the community health class is to make the school and community aware of various health issues. The course runs in conjunction with the 11th grade health curriculum, with a community service component as a .5 credit elective. Students will learn that their decisions affect not only themselves but other people and the community as well. Students are required to complete community service each quarter.  Services that relate directly to the school building could either take place during the school day, in the evening, or on the weekends.  Throughout the school year, the teachers will offer suggestions for community service for events that occur outside in the community, with students having the option to select specific outside events on their own.  All community service requirements are monitored by the classroom teacher. Possible events may include: Walk-a-thon, Sneaker Recycling Drive, Mary Brennan Soup Kitchen, Ronald McDonald House, Birthday Wishes, Various Monthly Awareness Activities, Health Fair, and Junior Day.  This class will fulfill the 11th grade mandated health class requirements.