In English 9 Honors students study advanced-level world classics and nonfiction texts from diverse perspectives, as evidenced in authors’ use of language. Already highly-competent 9 Honors students' writing skills are further enhanced through instruction in formal writing such as literary analysis, argumentation, research, as well as creative and personal forms. Specific attention is given to developing structure and style, and adhering to the conventions of standard written English. Listening and speaking skills are strengthened through a variety of methods, including classroom discussion, oral presentation, role playing, and small cooperative groups. The purpose of the course is to build upon students' foundation in English Language Arts through the study of numerous texts and genres for successful participation in more advanced English courses and other academic disciplines. Study may include works of literature by authors such as: Hermann Hesse, Jonathan Safran-Foer, George Orwell, Tracy Chevalier, August Wilson, Erik Larson, Sophocles and William Shakespeare.