Castle Program
  • The Castle Program, essentially a mini-school within Syosset High School, is designed for students who need a different environment in order to succeed. These students, who are "at risk" because of a history of poor class and school attendance and achievement below their capabilities, meet in a separate setting of small-sized classes. Instruction and support is provided by a closely knit team of teachers. Students work on achieving success and instilling pride within themselves and throughout the school. 

    Participation in the program is voluntary and requires an interview and agreement from the student and his/her parents. Any student who wishes to be considered should see his/her guidance counselor.  All students must enroll in classes needed to meet graduation requirements.  Students can also take elective courses outside the Castle Program.  Tenth grade students must be fully scheduled.

Subjects in the Castle Program

  • 10th Grade

  • 11th Grade

  • 12th Grade