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  • Syosset High School's Independent Study Program offers students an opportunity to use their talents in an individualized pursuit of self-determined educational goals. The program is divided into two parts: the academic and the professional internship. Students can contract for no more than one independent study project in a single semester, fall or spring, and earn one-half credit for the successful completion of a semester's work. In certain cases, a contract may be extended for an additional semester.

    To apply for either portion of the program, students must submit proposals for their projects. Application does not guarantee acceptance.  The appropriate advisor reviews each proposal. Students who are accepted may have their scholastic programs and class schedules adjusted to allow them appropriate time to pursue their studies during the school day.  However, all students will take no less than 5-1/2 credits.

    Parental permission is required for enrollment in independent study.  For questions regarding the academic research program, the student's guidance counselor should be contacted.  For questions regarding the internship program, the Business Education Dept. should be contacted at 364-5718.


    This aspect of independent study affords the participant an opportunity to explore in depth an area of his/her particular intellectual interest and talent.  It is, in effect, an opportunity for the student to write his/her own curriculum within guidelines.

    Interested students should see his/her guidance counselor who will direct the student to the appropriate department administrator.  The project must be discussed and approved by the department administrator. Preceptors will be assigned with the help of the department administrator.

    Students must have senior or junior status.  

    All applicants must submit proposed designs for their projects by May 17, 2019 for fall term participation and by January 10, 2020 for spring term participation.

    Participants will be assigned to faculty preceptors (advisors).  They will be expected to work closely with the preceptors in seeking guidance in the areas of content, source materials, and techniques pursuant to their projects. Arrangements to these ends are the responsibility of the students and their preceptors. 

    Each student is to produce a creditable written result of his/her research bearing the approval of his/her preceptor and the appropriate chairperson/coordinator.  In many cases, students will be required to make a presentation of their research to a panel of teachers and/or resource people.

    Please refer to individual department pages for Academic Independent Studies courses available in each subject area.