• Technology Workgroup

    The District’s Technology Workgroup was formed in 2014-15 to co-construct a vision for educational technology in the district and its role in teaching, learning, communicating and collaborating. In the 2014-15 school year the workgroup focused on two main questions:

    (1) Where are we as a district now?

    (2) Where do we want to go?


    The workgroup was asked to think big, and has been concentrating on what the technology gets us. Will the technology lead to different cognitive action, more engagement, more collaboration (among staff and among students), expand the breadth of our courses, enable students to be content creators, provide for interdisciplinary opportunities, and/or further enhance our understanding of the languages of technology?


    While the current Syosset Technology Workgroup is comprised of teachers and administrators it is our intent to continue to engage more parents, students and community members in the process. The task before us is exciting and challenging. Our workgroup is organized around seven subworkgroups. These subworkgroups include members of our entire school community to further leverage the experience and expertise that exists in our district.