• NYSSMA Information


    NYSSMA is the New York State School Music Association.  It is a professional association of music teachers from throughout New York State. NYSSMA’s parent organization is The National Association for Music Education. NYSSMA’s mission is to advocate for and promote music education in New York. They sponsor conferences and professional development opportunities for its teacher members, proactively advocate for music education throughout the state, and present many programs for students in its member schools. 

    NYSSMA is best known for sponsoring festivals each spring in which students have the opportunity to perform solos and small ensembles (duets, trios, etc.) for an impartial adjudication. This process has long been held up as one of the finest examples of authentic assessment and is designed to help students to improve their musical abilities. Participation in NYSSMA is voluntary and provides students an opportunity to evaluate their own level of achievement and to set goals for making progress.

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    2021 Virtual NYSSMA Festivals

    In light of the current Global Pandemic, NYSSMA has developed a virtual platform that will be used for all adjudications and All-State auditions this year.  The Virtual NYSSMA Festival presents a unique performance opportunity for our students, especially in a year where so many performance opportunities have been lost. Here is an overview of how this program will work for students in the Syosset Schools.

    Students will register with their teacher using the forms below.  There are specific upload dates for each festival and those dates are not flexible.  During those dates the student will complete four tasks.  Those are:

         Task 1: Student will confirm their registration and upload a scanned copy of their music.
         Task 2: Upload pre-recorded video of scales or rudiments
         Task 3: Upload a pre-recorded video of a solo
         Task 4: Perform a sight-reading example live

    Sight-Reading: Students will have 90 seconds to review a sight-reading example and then will record it live through the virtual platform.  If unhappy with their performance, students will be given a second chance, but that will be with a different example and if attempted, the second attempt will count.

    Suzuki students in Grades 1-3, playing NYSSMA solos levels I-IV, should notify their teachers when they register as sight-reading can be waved for these students.

    All vocal solos and all All-State solos must use either a pre-recorded or live piano accompaniment.

    All music performed for a NYSSMA rating must be selected from the current NYSSMA Manual (XXXII-July 2018).

    2021 NYSSMA Fees:
         Levels I-IV: $16.00
         Levels V-VI: $24.00
         All State: $30.00

    Many families paid NYSSMA registration fees last year for festivals that were subsequently cancelled. Unless a refund was processed for those fees, 2020 fees will be rolled over to 2021.  Our music teachers have a list of all rolled-over payments.  The fees for piano have been lowered this year. Therefore, students that rolled over piano fees from last year are entitled to a $6.00 refund. To request a refund for fees paid last year, please send an e-mail to: fkralick@syossetschools.org.

  • 2021 Virtual NYSSMA Festivals for Syosset Students
    Click on a Festival to See the Registration Form

    Levels I-IV (including Jazz and Jazz Piano, but not Classical Piano or Classical Guitar)
    Registration Due to Music Teachers: January 8, 2021
    Upload Period: February 12-26, 2021

    Classical Piano - All Levels
    Registration Due to Music Teachers: January 15, 2021
    Upload Period: February 26-March 5, 2021

    Classical Guitar
    Registration Due to Music Teachers: February 9, 2021
    Upload Period: March 17-24, 2021

    Levels V-VI, Harp (All Levels) and All State
    Registration Due to Music Teachers: March 26, 2021
    Upload Period: April 16-23, 2021

    Vocal Jazz and All State Jazz (Vocal and Instrumental)
    Registration Due to Music Teachers: March 19, 2021
    Upload Period: April 30-May 7, 2021