• Syosset Central School District Mission Statement

    The mission of the Syosset Central School District is to prepare students to thrive in both the future we imagine and one which may evolve in ways yet to be envisioned.



    To enable students to realize their full intellectual potential and to inspire lifetime learners. Syosset will be known for:

    • Students who are agile, creative, adaptable learners;
    • Instruction that not only increases students’ knowledge, but their capacity to think;
    • Programs that are innovative, engaging, effective, and comparable in every building;
    • Attracting, training, and retaining outstanding faculty and leaders;
    • Exceptional programs in the fine and performing arts;

    Culture, Climate and Character 

    To prepare students to face the evolving challenges in their lifetime and to make exemplary contributions in an increasingly diverse society, Syosset will be known for:

    • Students, staff, and parents who exemplify: patience, respect, integrity, dignity and empathy (PRIDE);
    • Students whose compassion and kindness inspire altruistic efforts to improve their communities and the lives of others;
    • Athletes who exemplify teamwork and sportsmanship as they compete at the highest levels.
    • Supporting students’ mental wellness by giving them a sense of safety and belonging, committing to a robust character education program, developing their interpersonal skills, and intervening early to support those who struggle;
    • Supporting students’ physical wellness through physical and health education.


    Syosset’s excellent schools are the heart of the community and an essential part of families’ life. To maintain this position as a major community asset, Syosset will be known for:

    • Exceptional communication of the District’s academic successes and fiscal responsibility;
    • A community that celebrates and supports its rich multi-cultural makeup;
    • Engaging parents and intentionally welcoming new families, including those for whom a language challenge may exist;
    • Its appreciation of the senior citizens who built this community;
    • Public resources (police, fire, parks, library, etc.) who serve the community in partnership.


    Syosset’s excellent schools are an asset to the community and an attractant to new families. To preserve this resource while operating responsibly, Syosset will be known for:

    • Communicating its budgeting decisions with clarity and detail;
    • Continually seeking greater efficiencies in operations;
    • Investing in the safety and security of students and staff;
    • A safe and secure physical plant that supports cutting-edge instruction through continuous improvement.