• Student Registration
    Please call the District Registrar at 516-364-5669 to obtain a link to our Online Registration System. The office is open between 8:00am and 3:00pm Monday through Friday and is located at the following address:

    Student Registration Office 
    South Woods Middle School 
    99 Pell Lane
    Syosset, NY  11791


    Once your application is submitted online, you must make an appointment with the Registrar to provide the District with certain original documents. Your registration with the District is not complete until you meet with the Registrar.


    BEFORE YOU BEGIN, please gather the following:

    • Household Information - address and phone numbers
    • Parent Information - work and cell phone numbers, email addresses
    • Student Information - demographic and health/medication information
    • Emergency Contact - phone numbers
    • PDF files of various documents showing proof of Residency, Birth, etc. (see below).

    Please click here to access the State's required Home Language Questionnaire. Save this and any other documents you have to your computer so you can upload them during the registration process.


    Examples of Documents you can upload:

  • Please note: Our Online Registration Application can be displayed in English, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Urdu. All free-form text on the application must be completed in English, regardless of the “displayed language.”

    Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email regarding submission of health forms

    If you would like to inquire about or register your Preschool Student for a special education evaluation/services, please call the Committee on Preschool Education Department at (516) 364- 5735.

    If you need assistance, or require a translator to complete your application, please contact the District Registrar at  registrationstaff@syossetschools.org or call 516-364-5669. 

    McKinney-Vento Liaison: Isha Morgenstern, 516-364-5691