• Greentrees Country Day School

    Greentrees Country Day School promotes independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem solving — thefundamental skills that help determine success in adult life.  In a Greentrees' classroom, carefully selected staff members are highly trained, sensitive, enthusiastic and dedicated. The teaching staff facilitates an enriching, nurturing classroom environment where learning through discovery begins a lifelong love of education.  Teacher-directed and child-initiated activities introduce children to all areas of development in a literacy-rich environment. The curriculum is designed to build upon what children have already learned and to facilitate their connection to new concepts and skills. Theme-based activities in key interest areas include integrating language, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, STEM, and the arts.

    Greentrees follows New York State recommended curricula.  The curriculum forms the basis of the child-centered learning program at Greentrees. Ultimately, we strive to find the "sweet-spot" between kindergarten preparedness, and an approach to learning that values how children learn best... through hands-on, discovery-based experiences. Inside every classroom, you will see engagement and problem solving; initiating activities, testing skills, and learning to navigate the dynamics of social interaction.  Our Pre-K students are encouraged to make independent choices and interact with each other in a safe, encouraging, and active climate. The ultimate goal is to form their own experiences and enable them to find their own unique learning style.  Our Pre-K program supports each student as they develop confidence, independence, knowledge, and creativity!

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