• Assessing Academic Readiness

    Universal Screening

    A diagnostic developmental screening will be administered to your child at their UPK site at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year as per Part 117 of the New York State Education Regulations. In New York State, children are required to be screened at the first point of entry into the school district. The diagnostic screening tool used is the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screens III. This nationally standardized tool covers a broad sampling of a child’s skills in key developmental areas such as language, literacy, math, and physical skills. The purpose is to pinpoint understanding in the domains tied to early development and school or kindergarten readiness. The data from this screening will help the district’s UPK sites to identify any children who may require additional learning support, as well as those children who may seem advanced in their academic readiness.

    Ongoing Assessments

    Ongoing assessments are also an important component to the UPK program. Progress monitoring assessments, using the BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Learning III, helps the teachers to plan their instruction and monitor the growth and development of each child. The assessments are aligned with the objectives and goals of the NYS Learning Standards for Prekindergarten.