• Our Approach to Learning

    Syosset Central School District aims to provide students with key skills designed to support learning in all areas to be integrated throughout the daily curriculum and embedded within instructional practices. The skills emphasize metacognitive thinking and are the result of the overall learning environment and culture, interactions, language and instructional practices within our UPK classrooms. 

    Our UPK providers support these skill areas by ensuring a classroom environment where students engage in imaginative thinking, language production, idea generation, collaboration, and creativity. Teachers plan responsive activities and projects that create opportunities for children to practice and be supported by adults on these skills, regardless of the content being taught. Students actively engage in purposeful play as a means of exploration and learning by interacting with a variety of materials and peers. Our youngest learners have the opportunity to participate in multiple play activities which engage them in pretend and imaginative play where students can test theories and act out their imagination. We encourage our students to discover multiple pathways to problem solve and seek to approach tasks with perseverance and resilience.  

    Our UPK is designed to foster:

    • Play and Engagement

    • Creativity and Imagination 

    • Curiosity and Initiative 

    • Persistence 

    • Language and Communication

    • Academic Readiness

    • Social-Emotional Wellness