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  • Among the many new and exciting learning opportunities our children are participating in this year, the Sanford Harmony social and emotional learning activities are some of the most collaborative. Children are enjoying meetings within their classrooms and across grades, and learning about what makes them similar to their new classmates, what attributes they have in common, how they can respect their differences, and use these differences to gain a greater understanding of each other. You will see pictures on this web site of the students involved in these activities. Part of what has made this an exciting experience for the staff as well as the children is the incredible engagement we are seeing throughout this process. Please ask your children about their "Meet and Greets," their use of the "Connection Cards," and their classroom conversations focused on being a supportive friend.

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    Welcome to Village School, where we believe what it says on our tee shirts, “The School is the Heart of Every Village.”


    Working closely together, the staff, parents and children are able to create a learning environment that is safe and inclusive of all and enables our children to grow educationally, socially and emotionally while being a respected member of the community. We all work together to make young people wonder and think about possibilities. With words we mold minds. With deeds, we touch hearts. Together we work in the present, but are happy to create the future.


    We are pleased to welcome you into our community and look forward to enjoying your participation.