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Transportation Procedures


Morning Arrival and Late Bus Routes

Morning Arrival

The procedure for student drop-off can be found in this document:  Morning Arrival Procedure.

A map of the drop-off traffic pattern can be found in this document:  Drop-off Lane Schematic.

PM Dismissal

  • Buses arrive and leave the South Woods bus circle in two waves;
  • Cars are not permitted in the bus circle at any time;
  • Parents picking up must yield the right of way to buses and pedestrians;
  • Students must have a bus pass to ride a bus other than their own;
  • To obtain a bus pass, bring a note to the attendance office during Homeroom. 


Late Bus Routes

Late bus routes are securely posted using the following link.  Access to the list of routes requires an Edline account.  Please click this link to access the SW Late Bus Routes.

Monday, March 18, 2019