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Budget Information


Syosset Budget Passes

Thank you to all residents who participated in the 2014-15 budget vote and trustee election. The budget passed by a vote of 2,290 to 973. Establishment of the Capital Reserve Fund has been approved by a vote of 2,182 to 931. In addition, Dr. Michael Cohen, April Neuendorf and Laura Schlesinger were elected as trustees to the Board of Education.

Again, thank you to all who voted!

School Budget and Trustee Vote – Tuesday, May 20

Polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m

The links below will take you to web pages that contain information pertinent to our forthcoming school budget and trustee vote on Tuesday, May 20, 2014. 

  • New Voting Locations – This year, we have reduced the number of polling places (voting locations) to three places. 
  • Absentee Ballots – What if I will be away on voting day – on vacation, away at college, or away for any other reason?  What if I’m ill/disabled, and cannot get to my polling place?  Can I still vote?  Yes, you can!
  • Nominating Petitions – What if I want to run for election to the Board of Education?  Click HERE to learn all you need to know about the process for receiving and using nominating petitions, and for other information regarding the regulations and laws involved in becoming a candidate for the school board.
  • The School Budget Itself – The proposed 2014-15 budget is available for your review. The link to the 2014-15 budget can be found in the upper left hand corner.





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