Three Team Medals and Eight Individual Medals for SHS Mathletes!

Team A Members Lower Division Curt Boddie Award
Team A Upper Division Second Place
Team B Lower Division
Student Alex He
Student Cindy Li
Student David Wang
Student Eric Wang
Student Jimmy Zhao
Student Kevin Lee
Student Thomas Lam
The Syosset Mathletes competed on February 1, 2019 in the Nassau County Math Tournament at SUNY Old Westbury.  Led by coach Kimberly Dwyer, the Syosset Mathletes earned three team medals.  The Lower Division Team A won the Curt Boddie Memorial Award for a first-place finish.  Syosset teams also earned a second place in the Upper Division and a seventh place in the Lower Division.  There were 63 upper division teams and 47 lower division teams competing.  

In addition to the team accolades, Syosset Mathletes won eight individual medals.  The Nassau County Math Tournament required students to compete in an individual (grade level) round of 15 questions, a 10 question “Mathletic” round, and a 20-question team round.  105 students competed in the 9th grade competition, 129 students competed at the 10th grade level, 145 students competed at the 11th grade level, and 167 students competed at the 12th grade level.