South Grove Celebrates Constitution Day

constitution day photo

South Grove’s annual celebration of Constitution Day took place on September 17th and included many enriching and engaging activities centered around understanding a constitution and how it impacts a community. 

In preparation for the celebration, second graders wrote personal constitutions that highlighted their own values, which they “aged” by rubbing with tea bags. Music teachers visited second-grade classrooms to teach students the Preamble to the Constitution in song. Students enjoyed the musical slant to their social studies curriculum. South Grove also hosted its eighth annual Preamble Challenge, in which students in grades two through five were invited to memorize the Preamble to the United States Constitution. Over 30 students were successful in reciting the Preamble from memory!

In the culminating event, the entire school came together for a special assembly. The South Grove character education program was kicked off and this year’s Student Council was formally installed with the help of the Color Guard, Student Council Advisors, Principal Mi Jung An and the Honorable Gina M. Lopez-Summa, a judge and proud South Grove parent. A short skit performed by students and faculty illustrated why the Constitution was first created, and included brief appearances by “George Washington,” “Ben Franklin,” and an extra special guest, Grover, the school’s mascot. 

After the Student Council representatives took their oath of office, the entire student body and faculty also took an oath to South Grove. Everyone will be signing over-sized constitutions as a visible reminder of their commitment, which reads as follows: We the people of South Grove School, in order to form a more perfect community, establish a respectful environment, ensure individual responsibility, and promote the general safety and well-being of ALL citizens, do enact and establish this Constitution for South Grove School: Be respectful and Be responsible.