Elementary Students Move Up to the Middle

Elementary Students Move Up to the Middle 	photo

Fifth-graders in the Syosset School District looked ahead to the next step in their K-12 careers and a new home as all seven District elementary schools conducted moving up exercises to celebrate the culmination of their students’ elementary education, as well as their advancement to the middle school. One thing was perfectly clear: Whether attending H.B. Thompson or South Woods, they will all arrive well prepared for the challenges of the future.

During their respective promotion ceremonies, fifth-graders at each elementary school were honored with multiple awards, from academic awards to recognitions for their participation in Student Council, NYSSMA, the Nassau All-County Artist program and the character education program PRIDE. 

Principals and teachers presented each student with a certificate to recognize their promotion from elementary to middle school. Some recalled this group’s days as kindergartners, while others provided helpful suggestions for the future, such as make new friends and make the most of the increased programs available to them. Most importantly, they all conveyed confidence in their students’ abilities to succeed and become caring, constructive members of society.

Congratulations to all of the fifth-graders!