Syosset High School Assistant Principal Gessner Honored

Syosset High School Assistant Principal Gessner Honored photo
Congratulations to Syosset High School Assistant Principal Ray Gessner, who is this year’s recipient of both the New York State PTA Distinguished Service Award and the New York State Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Educators’ Ellen Swallow Richards Award. 

Gessner has worked in Syosset for 35 years as a social studies teacher and assistant principal. He is being recognized by the PTA for his outstanding contributions to the students of Syosset High School. 

“Ray defines service and is the PTSA go-to person whenever they need anything,” said Syosset High School Principal Dr. Giovanni Durante. “Whether they are setting up for a staff luncheon, need advice on an initiative, or want him to serve on any committee, Ray is there for them.”

In winning the Swallow Richards Award, Gessner is recognized for his work in overseeing Syosset High School’s Human Ecology Department. Swallow Richards was an engineer, environmental chemist and founder of the home economics movement, more recently known as family and consumer sciences. The Human Ecology Department at Syosset High School offers various classes covering areas related to the study of FCS, including child care and development, culinary arts and nutrition, interior design, clothing construction, teacher education and psychology, among others. 

Dr. Durante added, “Our Human Ecology Department has never felt more supported, thanks to Ray’s caring demeanor and desire to help people.”