Artist Honored for ‘Magnificent’ Work

Artist Honored for ‘Magnificent’ Work photo
Artist Honored for ‘Magnificent’ Work photo 2
Congratulations to South Grove Elementary School fifth-grade student Kate Lin for winning first place in the American Society for Microbiology’s Annual Agar Art Kids Contest. The contest is open to kids 12 and younger who participated in public Agar Art workshops hosted by one of ASM’s 10 community lab partners. Kate designed her winning entry, “The Magnificent Butterfly,” at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center.

ASM submissions of artwork are created using living, growing microbes ‘painted’ on agar, a gelatin-like substance that serves as food for the microorganisms. The is not the first time Kate has been recognized for her talent as an artist. As a second grader, she won an illustration contest and had her work featured in a book that was part of the popular Katie Woo book series. 

Kate is pictured alongside a framed picture of her Katie Woo illustration. “The Magnificent Butterfly” is pictured in the alternate photo.