Board of Education Gets First Hand Look at the Impressive Work of Syosset Students


Board of Education members got to experience the breadth of programs and exciting work being done by Syosset students first hand as they toured the schools on May 9th. The District’s focus on educating the whole child with a well-rounded foundation was apparent, as well as the commitment to expand coding and technology related opportunities.

The secondary schools showcased the diversity of programs offered and the global perception of the students. The day started off with a sampling of “South Woods as One”, an interactive, living museum created by the middle school students to address human rights, acceptance and cultural awareness. Later at H.B. Thompson, Board members got to listen in on eighth grade students engaged in a Socratic Seminar on Appeasement during World War II. And at Syosset High School, Board members were treated to a performance by the Lincoln Center Chamber of Music Competition winners, after which they heard from the DECA students about their very successful appearance at the State Career Conference.

Coding and cross-cutting concepts were a focus in the elementary schools. Berry Hill fifth grade students showed off their Hatch skills to create 3D replicas of structures from ancient civilizations; kindergarten students from Walt Whitman educated the group on how to program Beebots; first and fifth graders at Robbins Lane presented Google websites they collaborated to build; and fifth grade students at Village showed off their work with their Chromebooks and in robotics. Emerging scientists at South Grove demonstrated how technology infuses with the Next Generation Science standards, as the kindergarten students used technology to help research the five senses of the human body. The benefits of reading aloud and shared reading and writing were on display as second grade students at Baylis engaged in a lively conversation circle in the newly remodeled Library Media Center. Board members had a look at an innovative classroom design at A.P. Willits, where fourth grade students where engaged in the engineering process while they explored earth systems, including the impact of earthquakes and volcanos.

Throughout the day, the Board members were continually impressed by the amazing Syosset students, who were so happy to engage with them and proud to show off their hard work. We would like to thank the Board members for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit all our buildings, and the principals and staff for an exciting, expository day.