Syosset Artistic Olympians Take Multiple Awards

Syosset Artistic Olympians Take Multiple Awards photo

Two first- and third-place awards and a perfect score

Syosset High School students excelled at this year’s Olympics of the Visual Arts Competition held in Saratoga Springs, New York. 

Overall, 41 students participated as two groups won first place in their respective category, while two other groups took third-place honors.  

Syosset teams won first-place awards in the Architecture and Typography categories and third place in Drawing and Illustration. Additionally, the Architecture team received a perfect score on its project! Here are the descriptions of each award-winning project:

ArchitectureFirst Place (perfect score)
Rea Chen, Sophia Cheng, Brenda Chou, Kaitlyn Hom, Kelvin Hu, Allison Liu
Long-Term Project: Design and build a scale model of an outdoor human labyrinth to be built in a parklike setting suitable for four seasons in the Northeast. Their labyrinth concept was a metaphor for human life. The structure is made from plexiglass, foam core, wood, moss and stained glass and is shaped like a human heart, which is divided into eight levels representing stages in life that get more complicated as they work their way up. 

TypographyFirst Place
Abraham Huang, Helen Lin, Paul Martin 
Long-Term Project: Design a new letter to be added to the English alphabet, including the phonetic sound, place in the alphabet and use in a word. The group created a letter based on a power symbol with the sound of Ohm. Students created a 3D rendition that symbolized the power in nature with each section representing a different biome on earth.

DrawingThird Place
Melinda Blumenstock, Michelle Liu, Rika Mizoguchi, Ryun Shim, Helen Zhang, Liana Zhang 
Long-Term Project: Erasure as a medium. Create an original drawing using materials and techniques of reductive drawing. Students created a scroll drawing depicting the life of Egyptian queen Hatshepsut, who rose to become pharaoh but then was erased from history.

IllustrationThird Place
Wilson Chow, Songyee Kim, Zahrah Nasim, Esha Sharma, Lynnie Yang, Zarin Zaman  
Long-Term Project: Illustrate an idiom. Create an original illustration that best interprets your choice of an idiom. Students created a five-panel painting depicting, “She carries the weight of the world.”

Sponsored by the New York State Art Teacher’s Association, the Olympics of the Visual Arts program provides an opportunity for middle and high school students to participate in individual or group artistic problem-solving. Students create long-range solutions at their schools, and travel to the Albany area to compete on short-range problems in a daylong celebration of creativity. Awards are presented for different categories at every level.

This year’s event was held on April 25. This is only the second year Syosset has competed in this statewide competition.

Kudos to Chrysoula Highland who worked tirelessly to help students prepare for this event.