On the morning of May 16, 2018, in accordance with school district election procedures, the District Clerk and school attorney reviewed affidavit ballots with the County Board of Elections. Of the 7 such ballots, 6 were declared invalid and 1 was declared valid and recorded. The process was observed by several candidates for the Board of Education.

The final tally is as follows:

Proposition 1 – Yes 1,642 – No 592

Proposition 2 – Yes 1,714 – No 495

Proposition 3 – Yes 1,654 – No 540

Candidates for School Board (by ballot position)

1. Mr. Weiner – 845

2. Mr. Feldman – 1,164

3. Ms. Levitt – 935

4. Mr. Ulrich – 1,036

5. Dr. Syed – 1,031

6. Mr. DiFilippo – 1,042

Accordingly, Mr. Feldman and Mr. DiFilippo have been re-elected. Mr. Ulrich has secured the remaining Board of Education seat. As that seat is currently vacant due to resignation, state law provides that the newly elected Board member assumes the seat immediately and serves out the balance of the unexpired term in addition to the full 3-year term that begins on July 1.

On the evening of May 15, 2018, an affidavit ballot was prematurely opened and thus incorrectly tallied. The ballot was one of the 6 declared invalid this morning. The vote total was corrected accordingly, resulting in one less vote for Ms. Levitt.