38 Medals for Syosset at the Long Island Math Fair

38 Medals for Syosset at the Long Island Math Fair photo
Syosset High School winners: Front row, left to right: Giselle Rasquinha (gold medalist), Yan Luo (gold medalist), Sophia Jang (gold medalist), Allison L Hsu (gold medalist), Arushi Mittal (gold medalist), Jennie Dapice (bronze medalist), Lingfei Zhao (silver medalist). Back row, left to right: Michael Chu (gold medalist): Joshua Elenowitz (gold medalist), Nicholas T Mastandrea (gold medalist), Suhail Younus (gold medalist), Kai Wang (bronze medalist), Kevin Y Li (gold medalist), Azim Gangat (silver medalist), Thomas Lam (silver medalist), Coordinator of Math John Genova and adviser John Chae. Not pictured: Jahnavi Arora (gold medalist), Ryan Lefkowitz (gold medalist), Jeremy Weiss (gold medalist)
38 Medals for Syosset at the Long Island Math Fair photo 2
South Woods Middle School winners: Left to right: Anthony Park (bronze medalist), Ashley Jung (bronze medalist), Michele Shleimovich (bronze medalist), Alex Wang (silver medalist), Siddarth Desai (bronze medalist), Ashok Mutyala (silver medalist), Aarian Mepani (silver medalist), Tiffany Qian (silver medalist), Rachel Lin (silver medalist), Sabrina Guo (silver medalist), Willow Dunn (bronze medalist), Kyle Dapice (gold medalist), Shivane Dadi (gold medalist) and Ketan Raghu (bronze medalist).
38 Medals for Syosset at the Long Island Math Fair photo 3
H.B. Thompson Middle School winners: Adviser Paul McNamara, Sophia Chaudri (gold medalist), Anoushka Rishi (gold medalist), Ria Mehta (silver medalist), Aryan Jain (gold medalist), Emily Su (silver medalist), Griffin Hon (gold medalist) and adviser Jen Giamundo.
Bringing home a total of 38 medals, the Syosset Central School District had a very impressive showing at the 2018 Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair held at Hofstra University in April. Students competed against schools from all across Nassau County. The students selected a mathematical topic, thoroughly researched the topic, prepared a written report, which included their own ideas and creative input, and then presented their work to a panel of judges. 

Eighteen Syosset student won medals in the high school competition and 20 Syosset students won medals in the middle school competition. The Syosset Central School District congratulates all the participants in this year’s Long Island Math Fair!