Dear Syosset Residents,

An important matter in relation to the ongoing Syosset Park DEIS comment period emerged today. As you may know, the district has worked earnestly to keep the public apprised of our efforts on Syosset Park, and we have pledged to provide real-time factual information to our residents on areas where the project intersects with school district interests.

In a letter to our community nearly two weeks ago, we identified the ongoing work of certain consultants to provide us with unbiased factual information through a careful review of the voluminous Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the project. One of those consultants is H2M, our district’s architect since 2013. The firm was tasked with analyzing the DEIS with regard to environmental and construction impacts that the project could pose to the school district community.

We were disturbed to learn today that at their May 8 meeting, the Town of Oyster Bay appointed H2M to conduct testing at the former Syosset landfill. This poses an indefensible conflict of interest for H2M, as it prevents us from communicating to our residents that the analysis we are conducting is unbiased when the same firm is also working for the Town, the entity that ultimately makes the decision on whether the project moves forward.

This is a deeply unfortunate development, and we are extremely disappointed that H2M did not recognize this conflict or disclose it to us. But make no mistake: the district will not allow the authenticity and transparency of its efforts in this matter to be compromised. We have asked our school district’s attorneys for advice and counsel on this issue.

I look forward to providing more conclusive information to our residents on this matter in short order.


Dr. Thomas Rogers

Superintendent of Schools