As part of the annual PARP program at Village Elementary School, Village alumni who are current students at Syosset High School returned to their old elementary school to read to students.

“It is always a highly anticipated activity as both staff and alumni love being reunited,” said Village Principal Jeffrey Kasper. “The Village staff is always amazed at how their former students have grown into such impressive young adults. The alumni love to see their former teachers and the collection of photographs shared from their time here. The seniors also enjoy talking about their college acceptances and future plans and take real pleasure in reading to the current Village children, who love to ask about their experiences at Village back in the day.”

This year’s event was made all the more special thanks to the Village PTA, which provided breakfast for the staff and the nearly 40 high schoolers who came back to enjoy some time with their former teachers and future high school students. The connection these former students still have to their elementary school and the staff here is wonderful to witness and as one current fifth-grader remarked, “I can’t wait until I’m in high school and can come back to read like my brother did.” 

Special thanks to the Village PTA, Village library media specialist Trish Sergi and Syosset High School’s Castle coordinator Tom Rooney for organizing the PARP experience.