100 Days Smarter and Acting Much Older

100 Days Smarter and Acting Much Older photo

Kindergartners at A.P. Willits Elementary School celebrated their 100th day of school as if they have been around for 100 years – literally. Students dressed as centenarians; some came with canes, others wore their robes and one child even brought in her walker. 

This marks the fourth consecutive year that kindergartners at the school came dressed as senior citizens for the 100th day. The day also consisted of activities revolving around the number 100, including students writing their names in 100 seconds, writing what they would buy with $100 and performing 100 jumping jacks. Students also tracked the number of days leading up the 100th day, which was Feb. 13. 

Kate Cervone, Dana Genna, Jill Mulherin and Lauren Roehrig are the kindergarten teachers whose students participated by dressing to 100.