To: Members of the Syosset Community

Thank you for your support of the Phase II facilities propositions placed on yesterday's ballot. As a result, we will now be able to begin addressing some of the significant needs of our aging facilities, improve our instructional spaces, address traffic safety issues, and improve energy efficiency.

While yesterday's vote was a milestone, the real work is just beginning. We anticipate construction of projects approved last May (Phase I) to begin over the February and April school breaks. Initial construction of the projects approved yesterday (Phase II) will start in the Summer of 2019, starting with the instructional spaces (weight room, stadium, and science labs) as well as roofing, traffic safety and parking improvements.

Some of these initial projects will continue into the Fall of 2019 and the remaining projects in Phase II will likely be addressed in the following 2 years. We know this construction will be disruptive, and we thank you in advance for your patience. To help the community follow the progress of the work, the District will be posting on-line updates to give residents a sense of the order in which projects will be addressed, and the anticipated construction schedule for each project over subsequent years.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us with this important community institution, and we are very much encouraged by yesterday's strong show of support.

Michael, Tracy, Andy, Anna, Carol, Chris, Rob, Susan
The Syosset Board of Education