How exciting! Kindergartners engaged in an interactive, technological and literary-based club?! Who knew our school's youngsters could be so talented, dedicated and focused? Well, we did!

In early February, the Literary Cafe closed shop for the first graders (who performed extreme high-quality work) and opened its doors to South Grove's kindergarteners. Kindergarten club members began this new journey with such enthusiasm as they entered Mrs. Stottler's room during recess, grabbed a Literary Cafe menu and began ordering their favorite literary activity. While the use of Chromebooks and the various activities offered on the Literary Cafe's Google Classroom is a popular choice, Mrs. Stottler was very impressed to see that these engaged students also chose options such as reading, writing and listening to stories!

We are looking forward to watching these youngsters continue to excel and dabble in the various literary-based opportunities provided throughout the club. The Literary Cafe is ready to challenge these new kindergarten club members!