Bringing History to Life

Bringing History to Life photo

For fourth-graders at South Grove Elementary School, the curriculum came to life through an extension of their studies on Native Americans. Teachers led cluster groups that presented a variety of experiences traditional to the first people of North America.

The clusters presented opportunities for students to explore various aspects of Native American culture through activities ranging from art to sports, from music to cuisine. The fourth-graders set out on journeys in which they not only took part in numerous activities, but also discussed the significances behind them. 

The students constructed rainsticks and dreamcatchers, created face paintings with specific meanings, strung bead looms for Wampum necklaces, learned the original ways to cook and eat foods such as corn, researched recreational games, studied music and instruments, crafted clay pots and explored the use of canoes. 

As a culminating activity, artifacts created in each of the cluster sessions were placed into a museum that first-graders had the opportunity to tour.