SHS Mobile App a Tool of Convenience

SHS Mobile App a Tool of Convenience photo
Two students who took John Chae’s Introduction to Programming class at Syosset High School recently completed an Independent Study projects. Under his supervision, they developed a mobile app designed to meet the needs of nearly every Syosset High School student. 

Students Ryan Lefkowitz and Jeremy Weiss are the proud developers of the app SHS Mobile, which is making life at Syosset High School a little easier to navigate for many. After taking input from teachers and students and mirroring a component from Chae’s own grade calculator app, Ryan and Jeremy incorporated three significant tools into their app. One is a daily notification that determines whether it is a red day or a white day at the high school, important so that students know the class schedule for the day. Following vacation days and snow days, it’s easy for students to lose track of the red-white day rotation. 

“We found that this is the number one question that students ask,” said Chae, who has developed several apps of his own. 

Another tool provides students with the period/bell schedule to keep track of the day’s classes and ensure they arrive on time. The tool also accounts for delayed openings and adjusts the period schedule accordingly. The third tool is a grade calculator, which enables every student to factor together their quarter grades, midterm and final exam grades to determine their final overall grade in any given course. The program automatically takes into account the percentage of each component to arrive at the final course grade for students in advance of the school’s Infinite Campus program. 

“We wanted to create an app that would help other students in our school,” said Jeremy. “This is particularly helpful to freshmen and sophomores who are still learning their way around the school.”

SHS Mobile is free and available to Android and iPhone users. While Jeremy and Ryan are not the first of Chae’s students to have designed an app, and they have yet to conduct analytical research to determine exactly how many people are using it, every Syosset High School student can benefit from having SHS Mobile on his or her device.

Chae is pictured with Jeremy (left) and Ryan displaying SHS Mobile.