Making Leukemia Disappear

Making Leukemia Disappear Pic
During the month of November, Baylis Elementary School students showed their benevolence by raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society via the organization’s Pennies for Patients drive. The school helped to make the monthlong drive a fun and rewarding experience for students, who participated in various activities to collect and donate coins for this great cause.

Each Monday of the month, Baylis hosted a special Spirit Day, encouraging coin donations through themed days: Crazy Socks Quarters Day, Neon Nickels Day, Pajama Penny Day and Team Up for Leukemia Day. The school also held a Music for a Mission event in which students had the opportunity to pay $1 to cast a vote to hear their favorite song played over the school public-address system.

Classroom donations were collected and counted each week. The phrase “Make Leukemia Disappear” was posted on the Student Council bulletin board and for every $100 raised, one letter in the phrase was covered. Mission accomplished, as the school raised a total of $2,112.66 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Way to go, Baylis!