Students Share Ideas for Change During Superintendent’s Cabinet

Students Share Ideas for Change During Superintendent’s Cabinet photo
Students Share Ideas for Change During Superintendent’s Cabinet photo 2
In early December, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Thomas Rogers hosted a series of Superintendent’s Student Cabinet sessions for representatives from all 10 schools throughout the district. During each session, the Syosset central administration team, consisting of Dr. Rogers, Deputy Superintendent of Schools Adele Bovard, Assistant Superintendent for Business Dr. Patricia M. Rufo, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Service Dr. Joseph LaMelza, Assistant to the Superintendent for Teaching and Learning V. Dolly Kranz, and Assistant to the Superintendent for Curriculum, Research and Administrative Support Joanne Mannion, met for cookies and conversation with the thoughtful students.

“We’re going to have a chat, because our job ultimately is to make sure you have the best education that you can possibly have,” Rogers told the students to kick off each session. Held in a roundtable format at South Wood Middle School, each session allowed the students to engage the administrators, discuss what’s going in the schools and express ideas for changes. The elementary students offered their opinions on topics such as elementary scheduling, the impact of technology, the use of Chromebooks and learning to write code with kidOYO. 

“As the 21st century becomes the century where everything you do has to do with technology, it’s a good idea that schools teach kids to learn technology at an early age,” Baylis Elementary School student Frank He told the group. “We’re going to be coding a lot when we grow up, so we should know how to do it in elementary school. We’ll be successful later in life because we know how to code.”

Middle and high school students spoke about their experiences balancing academics by participating in extracurricular activities and joining sports teams. They provided positive feedback about what the district currently does to prepare students as they advance through the district and postgraduation. Students also expressed that they would like to discuss current national news and enroll in classes that teach valuable life skills such as paying taxes, leasing or buying a car and purchasing homes.