Robbins Lane celebrated Halloween with a Spooktacular evening of family fun. This year’s event was coined Spooktacular. A laughter-filled celebration of all things spooky and fun!

Many Robbins Lane families came out to enjoy the festivities. The school’s gym was transformed into a creepy party room filled with tricks and treats. There were many new interactive stations this year, along with a magic show, costume and pumpkin contests, and of course, plenty of food! Dozens of parent volunteers made this event possible for the cutest and best dressed crowd.

One of the most popular stations was the "Feel Boxes" which were several boxes filled with monster body parts - brains, eyeballs, and intestines were just some of the yucky, slimey items the kids were able to get their hands on! Another notable mention was the "Haunted Closets" with spooky noises, light effects and fantastic parent volunteers magnified the fun by getting into character and really “shaking” things up.

Big and small agreed that this event was one they will not soon forget, and left everyone asking for more!