Faces of Syosset

Faces of Syosset photo
Students enrolled in Chrysoula Highland’s Photo 2 and Photo 3 classes at Syosset High School have collaborated on a special collection of photos that show the school’s diversity of race, religion and personality. 

The Faces of Syosset, a mural currently comprised of 150 photos of students and staff taken throughout the school, is now prominently on display in the main lobby area. The photos were taken by photography students in these classes, inspired by the Humans of New York photo blog and book that features street portraits and interviews collected on the streets of New York City by creator Brandon Stanton.

“The whole idea was to show how much unity there is in our school,” said Highland, who originally proposed the project as an extra credit assignment. “I wanted my students to stop…look around and look at the people who are in our building every day.” Highland’s students took to the idea right away and have been making connections to others they didn’t know before. “It’s really been bringing people together!” she added.

The project has created a buzz among students. Many are taking notice of their photos and striking up conversations with classmates. New friends have been made, social networks have grown and the photographers have an additional platform to share their creativity. 

Candids, fun poses and causal headshots provide a variety of insights into the Faces of Syosset. More photos are being added and a few light questions and answers are also accompanying some of the newer photo additions to provide even greater insight into the students on display. There are also plans to invite Stanton to the school to see the mural and hopefully speak with students about his own inspiration that helped to launch this wonderful display of diversity and unity in Syosset.     

Highland and Syosset High School Principal Dr. Giovanni Durante are pictured congratulating some of the contributing photographers on their work.