Choosing Kindness

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During a recent schoolwide PRIDE assembly at Berry Hill Elementary School, Principal Mary Kolkhorst unveiled a new inspirational book that has been awarded to every class in the school to help remind students that no matter how a person appears on the outside, it’s what’s inside that matters most.

Every student at the school will have the opportunity to share in reading “We’re All Wonders,” the story of a young boy who, after undergoing numerous surgeries to address a facial abnormality, enrolls in public school where he’s subjected to name-calling due to his appearance. Young readers of the book learn that the main character is an engaging, smart, funny, kind and brave young boy, and they quickly develop compassion and respect for him while being reminded how important it is to be kind. Principal Kolkhorst read the book to students during the assembly before announcing that each class would receive its own copy.

Additionally, every Berry Hill student signed a pledge to be kind to others. Every student also received a “PRIDE Warrior” shirt to wear during the school’s regularly scheduled PRIDE assemblies. The Syosset School District’s character education initiative PRIDE teaches students the importance of demonstrating patience, respect, integrity, dignity and empathy on a daily basis. The assembly and signing were held in conjunction with National Bullying Prevention Month

A special thanks to the Berry Hill PTA, which donated the books and the shirts!