To jump start the school year in a exciting way, South Grove infused their annual celebration of Constitution Day with many enriching and engaging activities. While the focus was on second grade as part of their civics social studies unit, the entire school played a role. This year the project incorporated the talents of many special area teachers, as part of Syosset School District’s cross-cutting initiative. This initiative seeks to integrate concepts or “big ideas” across the curriculum in order to make learning more meaningful and relevant for students. Here are the highlights of our two-week Constitution Day program:

Second graders participated in a lesson by the enrichment specialist about the United States Constitution and wrote their own personal “constitution” that highlighted their values. This personal reflection was a powerful way to begin the school year. 

Music teachers pushed into the second grade classrooms during social studies to teach second graders the Preamble to the Constitution in song. Students loved this musical touch to their social studies curriculum and seeing their music teachers in this new light.

South Grove also hosted its eighth annual Preamble Challenge. Students in grades 2 - 5 were encouraged to memorize the Preamble to the United States Constitution. Over 30 students were successful reciting the Preamble from memory. 

All interested students in grades 2 through 5 had an opportunity to participate in a Brown Bag during recess to learn about the judicial system from Judge Gina Summa. Over 60 students elected to participate in this informative and interesting presentation in lieu of their usual recess activities. Students enjoyed meeting this acting judge (and parent of a fourth grader) and were fascinated by her artifacts (the gavel was their favorite!).

On September 18th the entire South Grove School came together for a special assembly. We kicked off our character education program and the 2017-2018 Student Council Class representatives and officers were formally installed with the help of the Color Guard, Student Council Advisors, Principal An, and Judge Summa. We also had an extra special guest: Grover! 

For many second graders the grand finale of this two-week initiative was when they “aged” their personal “constitutions” by rubbing them with wet tea bags. This was a fun (and messy) activity that involved many big hands to help the little hands. Teachers from the music, art, world language, and physical education department all pitched in to to ensure that all students were successful.

All hands in made for an exciting program for students.