Freshman Class Welcomed at Syosset

Freshman Class Welcomed at Syosset photo

Members of the freshman class of Syosset High School, otherwise known as the Class of 2021, were welcomed with open arms by the school principal Dr. Giovanni Durante and his staff as they were given a tour of the school, presented with their lockers and calculators, and even treated to lunch during Freshman Orientation Day, held on Aug. 28.

“Welcome to what will be the best four years of your life,” said a proud Dr. Durante during his opening remarks, in which he also talked about the many academic and extracurricular opportunities available at Syosset High School. He was followed by 2017-18 Student Government President Andrew Goldman, who beamed about the diversity of the school, also going into some detail about the more than 100 clubs available to freshmen.

“It doesn’t matter what your interest is, Syosset High School probably has a club for you,” said Andrew. “If not, we’ll work to create one for you.” 

Andrew’s remarks were followed by a brief video, which captured the positive culture at Syosset High School. The video was created by students Taylor Pacis and Darren Tyn. Following the opening assembly, Student Government leaders led freshmen on small group tours of the building. Club members also set up stations in the auxiliary gymnasium, where freshmen stopped by to pick up information and speak with them about their interests and what clubs may fit them best. 

“Truly, there is something for everyone at Syosset High School,” added Dr. Durante. “And Syosset High School is a place for everyone.”