Key Issues Covered with Superintendent’s Student Cabinet

Student Cabinet Photo
Syosset Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tom Rogers and members of the central administration held their second meeting of the year with the 2016-17 Superintendent’s Student Cabinet to follow up on earlier discussions and to hear additional feedback from students representing every Syosset school in order to identify ways to further improve the education program for them. 

The Superintendent’s Student Cabinet is comprised of student ambassadors from Syosset High School; Harry B. Thompson and South  Woods Middle Schools; and all seven district elementary schools.

Some of the key issues addressed included high school cabinet members being asked whether they felt there were benefits to changing school start times to allow for additional sleep (opinions were mixed); middle school students providing their thoughts on sharing assignments using Google Drive (mostly positive); and elementary students’ thoughts about Chromebook use in the classroom (with the real time help provided by teachers proving to be a great benefit). 

“We constantly take what we learn each year and refine it for future years,” said Dr. Rogers. “These students are the pioneers of new technology offerings and their feedback will help guide us on the best use of devices and applications as well as many other significant issues to improve the quality of education and quality of life in all of our schools.”