Board of Ed Gets a Close-Up Look at What Kids Are Learning

Board of Ed Gets a Close-Up Look at What Kids Are Learning Photo

Board of Education members recently took time out of their busy work schedules to get a closer look at some of the interesting projects and programs taking place in the Syosset schools. One of the main themes of this year’s annual Board tour was crosscutting concepts, and how multiple disciplines are meshed together for a well-rounded learning experience.

Making stops at every school, the Board was greeted by each principal and sat in on at least one classroom demonstration or presentation at each site. They listened to testimony from students at Syosset High School regarding the new and highly successful Virtual Enterprise business program; at H.B. Thompson Middle School they witnessed how math and science come together on the Chromebook for collecting data about natural selection; were treated to entertaining Revolutionary War period monologues written and acted out by students at Baylis Elementary School; listened to student pitches for various designs for a new butterfly garden at Walt Whitman Elementary School; and watched in awe as students at Berry Hill Elementary School brought STEM learning into the fantasy world by building some fun fairy tale themed machines.

Students were excited to share their work, as Board members asked them several questions about their experiences. Without exception they departed each classroom impressed with the things Syosset scholars are learning.