Seven students from South Woods Middle School participated in the Long Island Science Congress held at St. Anthony’s High School with every student receiving a trophy for their dedication, presentation and innovative science projects.

Giselle Rasquinha received the Highest Honors High Honors for her research in testing the five-second rule for food consumption.  High Honors were awarded to Jade Maracic, Alexa Trapani, Emma Van Dorn and Lara Weinberg. This marks the second year that Alexa, Emma and Lara have received trophies for their experiments. Sachi Sethi and Michele Shleimovich were also recognized with Honors.

Giselle received 1st place in the Most Distinguished Categorical Project in Biology award and was awarded $300.  She also won the Research Institute Award (a $25 gift card) as well as a $150 stipend to represent Long Island’s Junior Division at the State Science Congress in Buffalo, NY on Saturday, June 3, 2017.  Long Island Science Congress also picked up her $100 registration fee for the state competition.

Congratulations to all our future scientists!  Coach Linda Stollow is so proud of your hard work and challenging projects.

amaze photo

From left to right: Michele Schleimovich, Emma Van Dorn, Alexa Trapani, Giselle Rasquinha, Jade Maracic, Lara Weinberg, Sachi Sethi