Of the 22 eighth-grade students from South Woods Middle School who competed in the National French Exam Le Grand Concours (Level 1) held in March, 13 placed in the top five positions nationally. They are:

• Elsie Ho, Mizuki Iida, Jenny Ou, Maiya Raghu – 2nd place, 95th percentile;
• Ria Chadha, Angela Mao, Ariane Lee – 3rd place, 95th percentile;
• Tess Latham, Eric Wang – 4th place, 90th percentile;
• Jennie Dapice, Saba Mehrzad, Nolan Smithwick, Gabrielle Unson  – 5th place, 90th percentile.

The following South Woods students also received Honorable Mentions on the exam: Autumn Avery, Alexandra Bukary, Harrison Feusi, Manuela Fusara, Siya Gandhi, Eric Liang, Atharv Mehtani, Lara Muratyan, Krish Pamnani.

Additionally, nine South Woods seventh-grade students competed in the Level 01 National French Exam, with four placing in the top 10 nationally:

• Alex He – 7th place (4th place in Nassau County);
• Manaal Nabi – 8th place (5th place in Nassau County).

Honorable Mentions for the exam were awarded to  Meaghan Anzalone, Sage Gladstone, Alisa Gong, Lilah Grubman, Eric Huang, David Liu, and Andrew Zhou.

Congratulations to all participants!