Kindergarten students at Baylis Elementary School learned about the life cycle of animals.  As part of their embryology unit, they began learning about chicks and what they need to live.  Students set chick eggs in an incubator and anxiously awaited their hatch.  Mrs. Pizzarelli, Mrs. Trotta, Mrs. Ward, and their students planned and designed a “Super Coop” for the chicks to live once they hatched.  Each class went through the engineering design process. They asked themselves what chicks needed, imagined what they could build, sketched a plan, collected various materials and created their coops. Each “Super Coop” is unique in design and special to each kindergarten class.  This was a hands-on project and each student was very involved.  They helped, cut, glue, paint, build and problem solve along the way.  This was truly a remarkable project that these kindergartners will remember forever!