Syosset High School’s VEI team Takes 2nd in the Nation

VEI team Pic 1
VEI team Pic 2
Congratulations to Syosset High School’s Virtual Enterprise International (VEI) team Flip Chip for taking 2nd place overall in the country in the National Business Plan Competition finals held at the Microsoft Technology Center in New York City earlier this month!  Over 570 teams from across the country competed in this year’s NBPC finals.
Flip Chip marketed a line of all-natural, environmentally sustainable and tasty potato chips. Since palm oil is not used in the production of its chips, Flip Chip’s product line offers a healthier alternative to the common potato chip and does not aid in deforestation associated with the palm oil industry.  
In the VEI program, students take on the roles of business professionals and create a workplace environment in the classroom. They brainstorm ideas for a product, service or marketable concept, and then establish their company by submitting resumes and cover letters to hopefully land an interview for various positions, including the CEO. Once the company is established, students develop marketing initiatives to promote their business and participate in various competitions involving other VEI teams from schools throughout the country. This year, the Flip Chip team has been extremely successful out of the gate in the district’s first year offering the VEI program.
According to Flip Chip teacher/advisor Matthew Fiasconaro, students reviewed video from previous competitions, recorded themselves and made adjustments to their presentation just prior to the national competition.  
“In between rounds at the NBPC we would meet as a team and go over my notes to try and find ways to improve,” said Fiasconaro.  “We were making adjustments every time we presented all the way through the final presentation.”
Flip Chip also won a gold award for its potato farm themed booth in the Best Booth category and a silver award in the Best E-Commerce Website category at the International Trade Show held at Pier 92 in New York City in conjunction with the NBPC and other competitions sponsored by VEI’s Youth Business Summit. Another Syosset High School VEI team, Nice Pops, also received silver awards in the Best Booth and E-Commerce Website categories at the trade show. Syosset’s VEI team  Alternatitive Reality Entertainment also won Honorable Mention in the Youth Business Summit’s National Marketing Competition. Max Cohen of AAA Turbo Tech (another Syosset VEI team) also joined students from other VEI programs around the world to win 2nd place in the Global Business Challenge, yet another event held at Pier 92.
“It is so rewarding to see the students have so much success after how hard they have worked,” added Fiasconaro. “They would practice over school vacations when school was out and on weekends. I’m glad the students get to see that hard work does pay off.”
“The VEI program overall has achieved tremendous success in just its first year at Syosset High School,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tom Rogers, who provided input to Flip Chip after taking the time to sit in on their presentation. “All four of the school’s VEI teams have achieved some level of success and recognition. To be named second in the nation after what amounts to less than seven months of participating in the program, is a tremendous achievement for these students and Mr. Fiasconaro. I commend them, and all of our VEI teams and teachers for once again demonstrating that Syosset High School is one of the best schools in the country.”
Pictured are Flip Chip’s NBPC presenters: Zach Appel, Jack Santoro, Aaron Rosenfeld, Matt Catton and Scott Mansouri.