Virtual Enterprise Team Heads to National Finals in First Year

Flip Chip Photo
Congratulations to Syosset High School’s Virtual Enterprise International (VEI) team Flip Chip for advancing to the 2016-17 National Business Plan Competition. Flip Chip is one of only four teams from Long Island heading to the national finals, which will be held at the Microsoft Technology Center in New York City on April 3.

In its inaugural year in Syosset, the VEI program has experienced tremendous success, with all four teams (Flip Chip, Alternative Reality Entertainment (ARE), Nice Pops and AAA Turbo Tech) receiving accolades. Flip Chip and ARE were two of only 10 teams chosen to participate in the Long Island Regional Competition held earlier this month at American Portfolios Financial in Holbrook.

VEI students take on the roles of business professionals and create a workplace environment in the classroom. They brainstorm ideas for a product, service or marketable concept, then establish their company by submitting resumes and cover letters to hopefully land an interview for various positions, including the CEO.  Flip Chip markets a line of all-natural, environmentally sustainable and tasty potato chips.

According to Flip Chip VEI teacher Matthew Fiasconaro, the team has been reviewing video from the previous competition and making adjustments to their presentation. They also invited Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tom Rogers and Deputy Superintendent Adele Bovard to sit in on their presentation and provide feedback. Fiasconaro said the intent was for the students to rehearse their presentation in front of district administrators to match the intensity the students expect to face during the national competition.  

"The Flip Chip team is really excited with all the attention that they
have been receiving lately,” said Fiasconaro. “Yet they remain focused and driven on the task at hand, which is to win the National Business Plan Competition."

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