Young Reporters Keeping You In the Know

Young Reporters Keeping You In the Know

Ten student reporters at H.B. Thompson Middle School are learning what it’s like to be published in a major daily newspaper thanks to Newsday’s Kidsday feature. Under the direction of teachers Florence Izzo and Nicole Mammolito, students have been working together as their own ‘editorial board’ to brainstorm ideas with a member of the Kidsday editorial staff to identify topical events, places and movies to cover and write reviews on.

These young reporters have already covered indoor skydiving at iFly in Yonkers and given their take on the movie “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” Next up is a full spread in an upcoming edition of Kidsday scheduled to run the week of March 19.

According to Izzo, the students have taken a greater interest in reading and writing as a result of their participation, and their writing has improved significantly as a result. “It’s a positive way for them to have their writing published and for others to see,” said Izzo.

Pictured are HBT’s Kidsday contributors Mahima Bhandari, Riley Fink, Haley Goldberg, Nicole Weinstein holding a print edition of their iFly review.

Future topics will address school uniforms and the benefits of using computers vs. paper and pen. To read their reviews of iFly and “Rogue One” click here: