VEI Businesses Head to Finals

VEI Businesses Head to Finals

The Virtual Enterprise International program at Syosset High School continues to make headlines during its inaugural year. VEI teachers recently hosted a networking breakfast for the school’s four classes/student-run firms. The CEOs of Syosset VEI companies Alternate Reality Entertainment and Flip Chip took the opportunity to announce that their companies have each earned a spot in the Long Island Business Plan Competition Finals to be held March 1 in Holbrook.

ARE and Flip Chip are among the top 10 VE teams (and the school’s AAA Turbo Tech and Nice Pops finished in the top 25) on Long Island from the 72 student-run businesses vying for spots. Teams were selected based on scores received by judges on their written business plan and presentation of it. The top four teams identified at the finals will advance to the Virtual Enterprise International National Business Plan Competition on April 3 at the Microsoft Technology Center in New York City.

VEI students take on the roles of business professionals and create a workplace environment in the classroom. They brainstorm ideas for a product, service or marketable concept, then establish their company by submitting resumes and cover letters to hopefully land an interview for various positions, including the CEO.   

“This has been the ultimate business experience,” said ARE CEO Seth Blumer, who along with Flip Chip CEO Jack Santoro was proud to share the news with their fellow VEI colleagues and teachers. (Both are pictured in the main photo).

“The night I found out the results I was very excited for the students,” said teacher Matthew Fiasconaro, who presides over the Flip Chip team. “While not every VEI team member presents at the finals, like any business, it takes the hard work of everyone involved to create and execute a business plan.”

Flip Chip markets a line of all-natural, environmentally sustainable and tasty potato chips. ARE, led by teacher Kathleen Goldin, provides customers with headsets to take part in virtual reality games and experiences. “Considering the Syosset classes are new this year, the students have done a remarkable job,” she said.

Syosset’s other two VE businesses –  AAA Turbo Tech, led by teacher Glenn Baumann, provides smart technology products for the office or individual – and Nice Pops, led by teacher Jason Muller, sells non-genetically modified organic frozen desserts.

All four of Syosset’s VE teams have been performing well in local competitions, with multiple awards to show for it.                 
At a recent VEI trade show held in Farmingdale, Nice Pops took first-place honors in the logo and booth categories and third-place in sales, while Flip Chip took second-place honors for their booth and creativity.

“Students have an opportunity to take all of the knowledge they have gained in the classroom and apply it in a very realistic simulation,” said Muller.

“This is an incredible experience for the students which gives them real-world experience,” added Baumann. “They have the opportunity to talk the language of business, take risks and experience what it takes to be managers and employees in a business.”