Saving Animals with Robots

Saving Animals with Robots
Saving Animals with Robots 2
Congratulations to the H.B. Thompson Middle School Technology Club Team Bot 2 for winning the Best Mechanical Design award at the FIRST Lego League qualifying round held at Central Islip High School.             

Comprised of students ages nine to 14, the competition tasked students to demonstrate their problem-solving skills, creative thinking, teamwork, competitive play, sportsmanship and sense of community during a series of activities centered on the theme “Animal Allies.” Participants programmed and designed robots to complete tasks to help animals and improve how humans interact with them.

Using a large game board, Bot 2’s mission was to help elephants by programming their robots to deliver food to them and assist those that have gone astray to return to their natural habitat.

HBT Principal James Kassebaum congratulates team members Anna Kokoris, Giovanna Napoleone, Pearce O’Connor and Ethan Silverstein, pictured  here with Technology Club adviser Tom Kleint.