It’s Cloudy With A Chance Of Fun!

It’s Cloudy With A Chance Of Fun Photo 1
It’s Cloudy With A Chance Of Fun Photo 2
First-grade students at South Grove Elementary School are learning about the weather in science – and also becoming cloud experts. Students enjoyed sharing their knowledge by using their Communication Talent Skill #6 to show WITHOUT words what they know about clouds. They drew clouds –right on their desks – with the help of shaving cream.
The Communication Talent is part of the Talents Unlimited program. Talents Unlimited is a nationally recognized, research-based thinking skills program which develops students’ critical and creative thinking skills within the context of classroom curriculum. Along with the Academic Talent, there are 5 specific skills that are developed: Productive Thinking, Communication, Forecasting, Planning, and Decision Making. South Grove Enrichment Specialist Michele Webb collaborates with the classroom teachers to develop students’ expertise in these higher-order thinking skills.